Supplying Foldit Cart For A Luxury Catamaran

by | Jul 13, 2020

We take great pleasure in sharing that we have supplied this incredible Maverick Catamaran with one of our Foldit Carts.

Maverick Yachts is a top manufacturer of circumnavigation-ready, and ICW-friendly, liveaboard catamarans

Our fantastic carts can be so useful. They will take a massive 140-150kg, more than enough for any job. They are also made of high grade aluminium meaning they will never rust (perfect for the UK where we see a fair amount of rain).

Best of all, once finished with, out carts fold flat for easy storage.

Utility Carts are the UK’s largest distributor of portable folding utility carts, providing a range of carts along with spares and accessories. For further information Call 07855 941599 or Email

Multiple Uses For Multiple Industries

Our carts have a variety of uses and have been effectively utilised by many industries, including:

The Movie Industry
Events & Festivals
Caravanning & Boating
Fishing & General Sports
The Retail Sector