Summertime – Bring On The Tipke Foldit Cart

by | Aug 9, 2020

So, we finally seem to be enjoying a spell of lovely weather here in the UK. We have had temperatures consistently around 30 degrees for the past week or so which is pretty hot for us.

Im sure most of you can find carrying plants, soil and tools up and down the garden hard work. Not to mention all of the paint and timber to replace the old decking.

Choosing a wheelbarrow to help out isn’t always a great idea either. Not only do they tend to chip, rust and get flat tyres, they are also very cumbersome and extremely difficult to store.

This is where the fantastic Tipke Foldit Cart can be so useful. It will take a massive 150kg, more than enough for any job. It is also made of marine grade aluminium meaning it will never rust (perfect for the UK where we see a fair amount of rain).

Best of all, once finished with it folds flat for easy storage.

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